Virtual Poster Sessions

We accepted posters in a wide range of topics related to molecular chemistry (e. g., organic synthesis, catalysis, molecular modeling, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, analytical sciences)

The online poster session was open from Mon, October 26 to Fri, October 30, 2020. As traditional posters in A0 format are not convenient to be studied online, we will provide a platform for presenters to upload a 3min video message explaining their research project on 3-5 slides.

Best Presentation Award

A jury will evaluate all video presentations from academic participants and will honor the best three posters with the Helvetica Best Presentation Award 2020. Presentations from industrial participants will not be considered for the award.

The three winners will get a cash check of CHF 200.00 each. 

Jury members: Mathilde Lachia, Syngenta, Fabrice Gallou, Novartis and Thomas Woltering, Roche

The winners are:

Yongpeng Liu, EPFL Lausanne
«Molecular Hydrogen Production Though Solar Water Splitting»
Luca Buzzetti, EPFL Lausanne
«Enantioselective Carboetherification/Hydrogenation for the Synthesis of Amino Alcohols via a Catalytically-Formed Chiral Auxiliary»
Zlatko Jončev, University of Basel
«Stereoselective Synthesis of Atropoisomeric Biaryls»

Runner-up Posters

This year we received mostly, if not only, outstanding posters which made the selection particularly complex. We therefore decided to recognize also 3 runner-up posters:

Alena Budinska, ETH Zurich
«Organocatalyzed Conjugate Addition Reactions of Aldehydes to Nitroolefins with Anti-Selectivity»

Manoj Ravi, ETH Zurich
«Lewis acidic aluminum in zeolites: addressing fundamental questions of industrial relevance»

Greta Vastakaite, ETH Zurich
«Catalytically Active Peptides For Conjugate Addition Reactions with C-substituted Maleimides»